Thursday, May 28, 2015

Top Five Things I Learned from My MBA

I'm down to 33 more days left before I will be finished with my MBA.  Wow, these two years have flown by!  Overall I've enjoyed my studies but I am more than ready to lead a busy life instead of a super busy life.  Apart from the grace of God, I have no idea how I did all that I did the past two years and stayed focus on my studies.  In light of my impending freedom, I decided to compile a Top Five list....and now from the home office in Campbellsville, Kentucky...the top five things I learned from my MBA.

5.  I actually enjoy reading business journals.  Much of my study included research of academic and business journals covering interesting topics.  I literally think I would read business journals after I graduate for the knowledge alone.

4.  APA Style is really named for American Psychological Association.  It's a true test of your psychological stamina to stop and cite every unoriginal thought.

3.  When under extreme pressure, I can execute quickly.  I've had some circumstances in my life that caused me to turn around papers and assignments in less than human time frames.  I actually accomplished it and finished well.  See: Grace of God.

2.  I never would have made it through school without PERRLA.  If you don't know what PERRLA is, check out their site.  This simple piece of software plugs into your Word application and allows you to easily write papers in APA Style or MLA Style.  One of my doctor's nurses turned me on to this and I think I owe him my degree.

1.  Group projects stink.  They are the game of Survivor in academia.  I firmly believe that we only have group projects to teach us how to deal with lazy and difficult people.  

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