Wednesday, June 05, 2013

This is Rose, May I Help You?

I answer my work phone with the phrase in this post's title all day long.  Recently, my work phone was posted on our network of sites as the contact number for all sales inquiries.  The beauty of that allows for a prospective client to connect with Sales.  The ugly of that is I'm the only number anyone can find to get a live person.  My days are rife with hilarious stories of my caller experiences.  But, none may ever top one from last week....that went something like this...

Me:  This is Rose, may I help you?
Caller:  Who is this? (very defensive)
Me: This is Rose
Caller: Well your number is showing up on my cell phone bill and I don't know anyone in Louisville, Kentucky, so I want to know why your number is on my cell phone bill. (See: very defensive)
Me:  Ma'am, I'm not sure, but this is a business, QuinStreet Enterprise
Caller:  What is that?  What do you do?  I don't know anyone in Louisville, Kentucky (yes, we've established that Mrs. Caller)
Me:  We are a technology performance marketing company and we reach technology vendors and technology professionals.  
Caller:  So, do you repair computers?
Me:  No, we don't (and here is where I lose everyone).  We provide editorial content to people who make decisions on technology. (that's about as simple as it gets folks)
Caller:  Oh, ok, well....hmmm....I guess my husband called you.
Me:  Is your husband a technology professional, or perhaps works for a technology vendor? (I regret this question now)
Caller:  He has a computer and handles all those problems. I guess he called about that. (I wasn't about to tell her that he wouldn't contact us for problem solving)
Me:  Oh, ok, well, I don't know for sure, but hopefully that helped.  
Caller:  I'll just talk to my husband.  

Methinks she really needs to talk to her husband.  Sounds like she is quite suspicious.  And so suspicious she is looking at her cell phone bill number by number.  That's meticulously tedious.  I've had many a man in my life I couldn't trust...and learned that the hard way.  But I wasn't married.  For whatever reason she has some trust issues going on here.  In times like these, I'm quite thankful I'm single and not combing through my cell phone bill to see if my husband is being faithful.  

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