Friday, July 27, 2012

Five Minutes: Beyond

Each week Gypsy Mama chooses a word to write about for five minutes. No editing, stream of consciousness. Today's word is: Beyond.

Ready.  Set.  Write. 

I love staring out across the ocean because I can search and stare and never see the end of the water.  Wherever the "end" is, it's beyond my eye sight.  To think of something so apparently unending is merely a small snippet of God's full creation is hard to get my head around.  What I can't see is beyond my sight, but not beyond God's.

There are times in our lives when we want to know more than what is the very next step in our path, but that is beyond our sight.  God gives us enough light for us to see where to take our next steps, but protects and limits us from seeing beyond what our mind could grasp.  Why?  Because He is God and we are not.  I long to go to those "beyond" places to see what lies ahead.  Of course, I don't want to see the bad times, just the good times and blessings in store for me.  What I realize is that many times those are meshed together so that without stepping through the journey, we wouldn't see the mixture of blessing amongst the bad.  Seeing the "beyond" in it's raw form is more than our finite minds can process.

I can rest in the fact that ultimately my blessings go beyond what I deserve and many times can imagine.  When I'm discouraged because something in my life isn't happening in the timing I'd hoped, or I get that grumbly ungrateful spirit when I'm far more blessed than 95% of the free world, I realize my life is beyond blessed. 

"Now to Him who is able to do above and beyond all that we ask or think according to the power who works in us - to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen." - Ephesians 3:20-21


Sheila said...

Love that! So true. I often feel the same way.

Denise said...

Fabulous post.