Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I'm a Pin-Up Girl

When I was first introduced to Pinterest, I found it intriguing, but just didn't get it. Maybe I should clarify...I got it, it just didn't seem to apply to me. For those that have resided under a rock for the last six months, Pinterest is one of the fastest growing new social networks in the internet-isphere. The premise is much like online scrapbooking or those wish books you might have made in your past. You create various "boards" where you can virtually "pin" images of things you find that you want to save for future reference.

After I requested my invitation to join, I started perusing the pins of those I began following and was a bit depressed. All I saw was wedding planning (which, if that day comes won't take much planning as I've been standing on the ready for quite a while), baby and child planning/rearing (see "wedding planning"), and interior decorating (not my forte). I almost gave up until my friend, Amy, who had fallen head over heels in love with the site, gave me a short tutorial. She would say "going to Pinterest just calms me." I would roll my eyes and say, "yeah, ok, whatever." Then after explaining to me how to structure my boards to really collect what I'm interested in, the light bulb came on and I was sold. I admit I'm a sharp cookie, but sometimes I'm a few chocolate chips short of genius at times.

I now love Pinterest. When I need to go to a happy place, many times Pinterest can take me there quickly. Am I as obssessed as some? No. But what I have done is found some absolutely wonderful ideas on things that I enjoy. The collection of recipes I have is amazing. Although I don't get to cook often for more than me, I do dream of planning meals and such (see the above mention of a future husband). I've tried a couple of things from my Food board and I'll be sure to post on some of my successes so you can enjoy the goodness I found. I'm not a Fashionista or makeup artist, but I'm interested in fashion, beauty products and the lastest styles. My "Work it Girl" board and "Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder" board really let me dream and find ideas and styles I want to refer to later. And, even though I'm *still* working on that first afghan, I stumbled upon a bevy of crochet patterns for afghans that made me salivate....along with all sorts of crafty things that make my heart flutter!

I'm no Marilyn Monroe, but I do enjoy being a 21st Century Pin-Up Girl!

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mwc liz said...

I love love love pinterest and sooo get that happy place feeling. When I a having an overwhelming work day I spend five minutes glancing through (or you know it turns into an hour, whoops) it always is a pick me up to see the neat things people pin.