Thursday, September 28, 2006

Top 5 Shows That Didn't Make the Fall Lineup

5. "180 Degrees" - Random people are connected by simply turning around.

4. "Studio A at Rockefeller Plaza" - The continuing saga of the redesign of the Today Show set and the arrival of new co-host Meredith Viera, all performed to the backdrop of the irritating "It's a New Day!" theme song.

3. "Project Assembly Line" - Contestants vie for freedom from their factory jobs in this latest reality show. The worker that creates the most efficient assembly line wins an office job in a lovely cubicle and a DVD of the "I Love Lucy" chocolate factory episode.

2. "Desperate School Teachers" - Educators lament their hopeless future and poorly-compensated profession while completely missing the joy they have of molding the lives of our future.

1. "Suddenly Suri" - After her breakout spread in Vanity Fair, this weekly drama follows the life and times of Suri Cruise. Don't miss the 2-hour wedding special when her parents finally tie the knot, entitled "Getting the Cart Before the Horse."

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