Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Amazing Graceland

We're down to the final four on American Idol. I haven't blogged much lately about the show, so I thought I'd take the time to give my thoughts as we head into the final two weeks of the competition. Last night's show was a tribute to the king, Elvis, complete with a trip to Graceland, escorted by Priscilla Presley. So, without further ado...

Katherine McPhee - This girl has a beautiful voice, but her pompous diva attitude kills me. Kat, let me introduce you to the word, "humility." Of all the remaining finalists, she is my least favorite when it comes to appreciating the road she's been traveling. I get the sense she has an entitlement attitude. After forgetting her words on the first song, and then letting the second song end weak, she has a high probability of going home tonight. She's a final four, she'll get a contract. All you McPheever fans out there, take a Tylenol.

Elliott Yamin - A friend of mine said early on that Elliott wouldn't go far because he lacked the "look." Hmm, see AI Season 2 winner, Ruben. Although Elliott may be thug-like, he had his game face on last night. The boy did what he had to do to have a hope of surviving in this contest. And, the fact that he sings with limited hearing ability amazes me. Elliott could teach Kat a few things about humility - that boy realizes how belssed his trip has been. There is a 50-50 shot he could go home tonight, but for all his hard work and determination, I hope we have an all-boy final three.

Chris Daughtery - As some of my closest friends know, I have an affinity for bald men. And, although Chris is a handsome dude and has a great voice, I just can't get excited at the thought of him as our next American Idol. I think it's his personality. Chris, put the mike stand down, we've been there, done that with Bo and Constantine. A friend of mine told me his wife says that she thinks he's the type of guy that would leave his wife if he got successful. Maybe that's it. Who knows. Whatever the outcome, the boy will get a contract and cut an album. I can't get past those silly sunglasses her wore last night while singing "Suspicious Minds" - it was like a flashback of the 70's version of Elvis.

Taylor Hicks - I've loved Taylor since I saw him audition. He's different, he's refreshing, and, well, he's cute. Then, he stole my heart when he strolled into the judges' room for the final word on the 24 finalists playing his harmonica. Last night, he stole the show again with his performances. You have to think to yourself....who of these four would be the most fun to see in concert? By far, it's Taylor. And, he's from Alabama, which alone gives him points in my book. I think America is ready for something other than the cookie cutter Idol winner. Taylor is far from cookie cutter. And, he can pull off a purple suit like nobody's business.

I'm not sure who will go home tonight, but I have a strong sense that our final two will be Chris and Taylor. And the world will vote "Rocker or Rock-a-Billy"

Soul Patrol!


Twinkie said...

I don't watch Idol every single week, but I catch up on performances via (That way I don't have to deal with Seacrest. Uuugh)

I really like Kat McPhee. What did she do to make you think she isn't grateful for the experience?

Just curious.

Lorie said...

Oh, Rose, I know EXACTLY what you mean about Katherine. It's that smug little look she gets on her face when she knows she's done well. And the way she TRIES to act humble, all the while mentally patting herself on the back. I've said from the beginning that would be her downfall...we'll see.

But Elliot...I could listen to that boy sing all day!

RosieBoo said...


It's a lot of little things, mainly she doesn't take being in the bottom well at all. But one night, when she did awesome (Her rendition of Someone to watch over me) she wanted to hear what Randy had to say and told the audience "Quiet, I can't hear." Hello....these people will be voting for you and buying your CDs. Her voice is great, but I can't get past her attitude, I guess. But, I don't blame you for skipping's time for a new host...


I'm glad I'm not the only one! Of course, my man, Taylor could go tonight and I'll be in mourning tomorrow....

Sandy said...

Well, I guess we all know who the finalist are today!
As for me, I am happy with who is left.
My final pick is Taylor also!
I love that boy!

SheThinker said...

I still think Taylor looks like a child molestor. If he'd dye his hair to a normal color, he wouldn't be quite so bad. Gray isn't good for young people!
Sarah was crying last night over the departure of Chris. I laughed at her.

Katrina said...

The rumor is that Chris is being offered the front man position for an already established rock band (possibly Fuel?), which sounds right up his alley. Of course, we all know how reliable internet rumors are. :)

I have to say that Elliot has just stolen my heart over the course of this competition. I think he'd be a great AI.

RosieBoo said...

If Taylor dyed his hair, he wouldn't be as hot!!

I have to agree that Elliott is winning me over too. As long as Kat doesn't win, I'll be happy.

Jules said...

Well, let's see---since Elliot was voted off tonight...I'll start there. He is good guy...I understand why someone would say he doesn't have the look. He just doesn't. The things that bugs me most about him is so trivial, I hate to even say it, but he bites the fire out of his nails. I just can't stand that! It's long been a peeve of mine. Can't help it. BUT--aside from that, Rosie--you are totally right in that this boy completely appreciates his blessings, and he is a sensitive, sweet spirit. I wish him tremendous success because you just know that he will be kind and generous with whatever his blessings my be, know what I mean?

Okay, Miss Katherine. Where do I begin with her? She is stunning. There is no doubt about that. But she is pure torch singer, and I don't see her very far out of Las Vegas. Even if she worked at it, and developed into more of an entertainer than just a singer, she would still be last on my list, because like you said Rosie-she's an overblown, self-absorbed little diva. My husband thinks that even her family is fake. When Elliot got voted off tonight and she clapped with glee, that just nailed her coffin shut for me. She has absolutely no grace. No tact. No humility. You hit the nail on the head with that "entitlement" word. She will land on her feet regardless, and for some reason, it really wouldn't shock me at all to see some splashy spread in People magazine one day covering her wedding to Tommy Mottola. I kid you not. She is walking prrod that beauty is skin deep. She is total eye candy, but she is vacant.

That leaves us with Taylor...I remember when he first auditioned, and I said to my husband, "Oh this guy will be hilarious." Then when he could really jaw was on the floor, and I've been smitten by him ever since. I love how he can be kinda silly, and then walk in front of a microphone and make your kneecaps melt. I think he's really very handsome, and I'd hunt him down and break his neck if he dyed his hair. His hair is COOL!!! I just like his whole vibe...I love the way he lets you see that he really is a vocal musician...if you go back and LISTEN to'll hear him at times, not singing the melody but the HARMONY notes. That's a gift! There are a million R&B types, rockers, etc...but it's been a loooonnnnng time since we had something like a Sam my vote, obviously, is with Taylor.

And---to make it even sweeter...he's a gentleman. A Southern Gentleman.


(I'm married...I'm married...I'm married...I'm married...:O) )

Lorie said...

Anybody going to see the AI Tour when it comes during the fair?

I am--my boss bought us tickets. What a cush job I have! :)

RosieBoo said...


My college girls think I'm crazy because I have this HUGE crush on Taylor. Hey, when they get my age, they'll swoon over much different types than they do now!


SHUT UP!! You are going?? I'm so jealous! I would love to go, but couldn't justify forking over $46 for a ticket. If I suck up to your boss, will he buy me a ticket too?? :)