Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Let's Hear it for the Boy!

One of my favorite advertising characters is the Pillsbury Doughboy. I had my own Poppin' Fresh doll when I was little, and I just loved the way he giggled. I even tried out one year for the Pillsbury Giggle Off. I did my best to let out the funniest giggle, but I suppose it wasn't worthy of competition.

Poppin' Fresh debuted in October 1965 (right after my world debut) and has been bringing "lovin' to the oven" for years. Like Tony the Tiger and the Green Giant, just seeing that pudgy little baker communicates a warm feeling of hot cookies, buttery biscuits, and flaky pie crusts.

Now, Pillsbury has brought the Doughboy to life on your computer. The recent series of "Dancin' Doughboy" commercials inspired a site where you can create your own dance routine for Poppin' Fresh. He can disco, do the hustle, and even the butterchurn, all by your command.

My favorite commercial in this dance mix series starts off with the soothing sounds of Barry White playing in the background. The Doughboy dances around in a sultry fashion and these words appear on the screen, "Who brings lovin' to your oven?" The best line of all follows while Barry White music continues to play...."The Other Mr. White" You go, Doughboy!

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Laura said...

I love the Pilsbury Dough Boy! I had one as a little girl too... and I had his wife the Pilsbury Dough Girl too. :)